Chris Nowinski

, PhD

CEO, Concussion Legacy Foundation

Dr. Chris Nowinski is founding CEO of the Concussion Legacy Foundation, a co-founder of the Boston University CTE Center, and a social entrepreneur leading a global conversation on concussions, CTE, and the future of sports. An All-Ivy Harvard football player-turned pro wrestler-turned neuroscientist, he discovered the concussion crisis when an inadvertent kick to the chin in a WWE match caused a brain injury and sent him on a journey that has changed how we think about brain trauma.

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Town Hall
Tuesday Oct. 20
3:30 PM
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Building a Movement Across the Life Span to Prevent Dementia

Evidence shows that individuals can reduce dementia risk by modifying lifestyle and other health factors across their lifetime. Dementia is interconnected with conditions such as heart disease and diabetes and with obesity, income security and other social determinants of health. Together, these factors translate into higher impacts of Alzheimer’s on communities of color and women and demonstrate the need for a comprehensive approach to brain health. Join experts and advocates for a conversation about brain health across the life span. Key question: How do we build a multisector movement to reduce the prevalence of dementia by 30 percent or more by 2030?

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