Brooks Kenny

Vice President, Consumer Engagement and Partnerships, UsAgainstAlzheimer's

Brooks Kenny serves as Vice President of Consumer Engagement and Partnerships at UsAgainstAlzheimer’s. In this role, she leads consumer-facing platforms and strategic, cross-cutting partnerships that engage people to advance the organization’s mission – beginning with the BrainGuide platform, the latest in a series of brain health education initiatives. She also directs the Women’s Leadership Council,  a group of executive women who are spotlighting the disproportionate impact of Alzheimer’s disease on women. Ms. Kenny is a nationally recognized subject matter expert in caregiving and women’s brain health and often speaks with diverse groups on these topics. She has more than two decades of experience in health communications, previously serving as Managing Director at High Lantern Group, a healthcare communications agency, as well as Founding Partner in a technology startup serving family caregivers.

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Town Hall
Wednesday Oct. 12
2:30–3:15 PM
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Prioritizing Early Detection: What’s Needed, What’s Working, and How We Can Ensure Everyone Has Access

Although Black and Latino older adults are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s and dementia, diagnoses are more likely to be missed or delayed for people in these groups. Lumping together all people of color with a “one size fits all” approach is not the solution. These disparities stem from a complex set of factors including systemic racism, historic marginalization, cost, and more. Key Question: How can all of Us drive brain health awareness, risk reduction, and early detection—especially in Black and Latino communities?

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